Crossing the Waters Institute for Cultural Exchange is an international exchange program that currently offers opportunities for cultural connections between the United States and the African Diaspora.  Our work is to create and develop projects tailored to the specific goals of the participants in social justice education, health, visual and performing arts and cultural enrichment. With a commitment of respect for a world enriched with cultural differences and diversity we work toward building community across borders through communication, dialogue and social engagement. Womanspirit and Youth Ambassadors are just an example of how having a shared view enriches us all.


Why Support Cultural Exchanges?

Cultural exchange programs, offers participants an enriching experience on both a personal and intellectual level. More importantly, with the life experience gained from foreign student exchange, the exposure inspires students to make the following personal improvements:

■ Personal growth

■ Build self-confidence

■ Encourages leadership through independent thinking

■ Challenges students academically