Exchange Projects


2018 February Julius Ford Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Community, South Africa Exchange

2018-2019 Northfield Mount Herman School, South Africa Exchange

Projects in development

  • Aiyti/Haiti Immersion program with the Na Sonje Foundation
  • Cuba Exchange, Kairos Center and the Martin Luther King Center for Social Justice
  • U.S. History Touring Project, Pilot program, Fort Jefferson, Key West, Florida
  • CTWI Retreat Centre, Cape Town South Africa

Ingrid C. Askew Executive Director

33 Kellogg Ave #2

Amherst MA 01002


Dear Friends and Family,

On December 1st I will once again be on my way to South Africa! This time I’ll be there for 6 months and will be directing and organizing new and exciting Crossing the Waters Institute (CTWI) projects for 2018 – 2019.

CTWI 2018 project is in collaboration with Lotus Peace Arts and Siyasanga Theatre in Cape Town. We will be developing and performing an original work entitled “Labyrinth Through Fear.”

Since this current trip is a lengthy one, I need to fundraise to be able to sustain myself while there. This is where I need your help. My goal is to raise $8,000 to cover rent for 6 months, food, and local transportation. There is a very generous donor who has pledged to match donations up to $4,000!! So we are halfway to the goal!

March 2018 LABYRINTH THROUGH FEAR: 3-week Theatre Lab

In this integrative arts exploration, Director Ingrid Askew, and Poet and Creative Movement Artist Janet Aalfs, in collaboration with Siyasanga Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa will construct a community performance piece that explores the power of imagination and the integrity of heart-mind/ spirit/ body connections.

Utilizing masks, spoken word poetry, storytelling, voice, dance, interpretive movement,

Percussive rhythms and indigenous instruments, the journey of facing our fears head on will be challenged on a Labyrinth map to be constructed and transformed by the performers. This imaginative exploration helps us tap into our creative and courageous energy to find our truth and confidence to be free.

The gift of fear, small or large, is a daily gift. Taking the risk to face fear invites and supports us to move, step by step, through a constricted space into the next level of courage, confidence, and change.  - Janet Aalfs

In this effort to fundraise for CTWI's 2018 “Labyrinth Through Fear” Project, I’m asking for 200 units of $20 each.

Will you please make a tax-deductible donation of one or more units to help me reach my goal?

Checks can be made payable to:

Crossing the Waters Institute for Cultural Exchange

33 Kellogg Ave. #2

Amherst, MA 01002

Or you can donate through our website:

No donation is too small or large, and all are gratefully acknowledged.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Spirit, Love and Peace,



Traditions and Innovations/ Word-2-Word, Rhythm and Flow, South Africa to America

We are in the planning stages of a 2019 performing arts exchange with Percussionist and Poet, Tony Vacca and his team of world class performers who have created the World Rhythms Ensemble. This group has traveled together to Senegal, West Africa many times, meeting and working with some of Senegal’s finest musicians, and created together the Senegal-America Project.

Traditions and Innovations is the title of a series of global collaborations that World Rhythms is undertaking during this next decade, and CTWI has been invited to be part of that vision.

Word-2-Word, Rhythm and Flow, South Africa to America is a project in which the focus will be on building Global Citizenship through international collaborations in World Music, Poetry and Dance. This work touches on everything from the discipline of perfecting physical and intellectual skills to practicing our exquisite humanity across our races, religions and identities. We are very excited about this project!